Village of Oreshak – national exhibition of folk and artistic crafts

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The National Exhibition of Folk and Artistic Crafts is located in the village of Oreshak.

This is the only exhibition in the country that has gathered in one place the works of Bulgarian masters from all the ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

The exhibition includes nine exhibition halls with an area of 4200 sq. M. The exhibition presents unique carvings, traditional Bulgarian handmade rugs, tiles, mats, ceramics, copper vessels, knitting and embroidery.

Besides the live demonstrations of various crafts such as pottery and carving, visitors can also engage themselves in creating something with their own hands. Various items and souvenirs are also sold here.

Every year, on August 15, when the temple feast of the Troyan Monastery is held, there is also a four-day Crafts Fair. During the Easter holidays, the Easter Fair is held, during which masters present their exhibitions in the courtyard of the exhibition.

One of the most famous events in the region is the Festival of Plum and the Troyan Plum brandy. It is held on the last Saturday of September. During the holiday, competitions are organized – for the best home-made brandy and for the best appetizer.