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The Saeva Dupka cave is one of the nine well-known caves in Bulgaria. It is located near the village of Brestnitsa, Lovech district. Her name comes from the twin brothers, Sousy and Seu, who used the cave to cover during the Ottoman domination. In the work on the cave’s development were found bones of animals, pottery and Roman coins.

Saeva Dupka consists of 5 halls, the largest of which is the Surrosteo hall. The first hall after the entrance is Coupen, so called for a characteristic hay-shaped formation. The second room is the Surrostee – it was formed in a great earthquake and is covered with stone blocks. The next halls are Harmanna, White Castle and Space. Saeva Dupka is extremely beautiful – here are all kinds of cave formations – stalactites, stalagmites, Santro lakes, draperies and others. With its walls and ceilings covered with stone decoration, the cave creates the feeling that one is in the cathedral. There is a very good acoustics in the Harman Hall – here are concerts. Many choirs and famous artists are singing there

Numerous formations resemble different figures. The guide of the cave shows one after the other the strange forms and names their names. The visit to the cave is not long (less than an hour), but there are other interesting things in the area that can be filled all day. In close proximity to Saeva’s hole are the Via Ferrata and Lednice Rope Garden.

Via Ferrata is called a metallic facility made of stairs, bridges and railings, which serves to overcome steep walls without alpine skills and is used today in the Alps and other mountains for faster and safer navigation on hard-to-reach terrains. Alpinism is always used for the passage because even though this activity is very far from climbing as a sport, vertical walls are climbing. Via Ledrata is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria and is a complex of facilities that are suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced tourists. The exciting extreme experience is guaranteed, of course, within the safe. On the wall of the 100-meter rock “Lednitsata” are several routes with different difficulty. By going through the systems, one relies only on their own muscles, courage and, of course, the proper equipment that can be hired on the spot.

For children, and not just for them, a rope garden is built – obstacles of varying difficulty are located high among the trees, and their passing requires strength, agility and courage. The experience is extremely fun, especially for a larger group.