SurvivalBG 9th Edition – Görkem Peynirci

Hey survivors!

We are excited to bring you our first speaker on the ninth event - Görkem Peynirci !!

Gorkem is a young Turkish guy who has been living in Sofia for more than 3 years and is a student of interior design in the university of Sofia. His odyssey of coming to Bulgaria includes the desire of his parents for him to get the experience of living and studying abroad, so for him Bulgaria seemed the most reasonable place to get this experience and slowly jump into the adventure. He is a guy who likes to go to parties and events in Sofia so he gets closer to the culture and meet new people, also he is one of the many who appreciate the good air-line connection of Sofia, so he gets to travel a lot around Europe.

One of the things he advises foreigners who live in Bulgaria is to learn at least the basics of the language and therefore make a better everyday life for themselves. His adaptability to life in Bulgaria has provoked a personal growth and cleared his view of the world!

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