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Each morning they gather together in one place in Sofia. The barista comes early in the morning with the mission to make the most delicious coffee, tell you his story and make you believe there are no casual things, and that everything is special, even coffee, which, believe it or not, will change your day.

Jigi is the man we trust in the kitchen. Apparently, the passive behaviour will reveal his dedication and attention to the food that occurs first in the head and then in his hands. A sandwich has already changed its status and ranks first in the hierarchy of taste and real.

Spasen came to show us that salad is not just cut vegetables but is a compilation of plants – fruits, stems, leaves or roots in accompaniment from other plants known to us as spices and the common among them is that they are carefully grown and everything reminds grandmothers of vegetable crops, and in combination with it, is already a whole creation.
Sweets we count on his long Italian experience and we are glad that he is already doing it in Bulgaria.