SurvivalBG podcast is an online talk show organized by 42 Foundation and produced by (Alex) EVS volunteer of the Erasmus + program. The podcast is focused on interviewing foreigners who are living in Sofia and are willing to share their personal stories and tips about how to adjust better to their new life here. It would be published once a week every X at X. Check out our social media to know more about future speakers, also if you have a story of survival you want to share and be our guest on the show, feel free to contact us. e-mail: survivalbg@42training.org

Espisode 1 with Donald McNair, an American guy living in Bulgaria

In this episode we are talking with Donald McNair, an American guy living in Bulgaria for about a year now and performing as a Stand-Up comedian, ending up here following his Bulgarian girlfriend. In this episode you’ll get the chance to find out more about Donald’s ways of adjusting to the completely new life in Bulgaria and the differences of the countries, as well as his successful Tinder love story and the Stand-Up scene in Sofia. Enjoy!

Espisode 2 with Kim Kim Dao from Vietnam

In this episode of SurvivalBG podcast we have the amazing Kim Dao, a Vietnamese girl who has been coping with life in Bulgaria for 2 years now, after passing by on her way around 33 countries. Kim shares her perspectives on being vegetarian in Bulgaria, having a motorbike, finding the specific markets for items ranging from cooking to antiques and clothes. Her tips and tricks are definitely useful so lay back, relax and enjoy!

Espisode 3 with Greg Hutt from USA

In the presented episode you will meet Greg Hutt, an American folk who has been adjusting in Bulgaria around a year together with his Spanish girlfriend. You might know Greg from his performances in the Stend-Up comedy scene in Sofia. This is an energetic episode with thrilling moments and exciting experiences of a comedian in Bulgaria! Enjoy!

Espisode 4 with Vitor Lopes from Portugal

In this episode of our SurvivalBG podcast we introduce you to a Portuguese lad, Vitor Lopes, who is experiencing the Bulgarian life for about 3 years. Vitor is talented guy who is performing in Sofia with his band, he is great singer and guitar player, sharing with us his ups and downs of trying to settle down in Bulgaria, Vitor is providing useful indeed tips and tricks from personal experience. Enjoy!

Espisode 5 with Sargis Ghazarian from Armania

In this episode of SurvivalBG podcast, we are talking to the Armenian boy, Sargis Ghazarian, a student in Bulgaria who has been living here for about 2 years now. Stay tuned to learn about the cultural differences and similarities between Bulgaria and Armenia, as well as the personal stories and funny experiences of Sargis - his dating tryouts and police encounters are enlightening. Enjoy!

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