Don't wake up on the wrong side of the bed!

We can all agree that having more tips and tricks in our survival kit can only be more useful and practical.. so why don’t we start at the beginning, the beginning of the day that is - the morning!

We all have certain habits we tend to practice every morning as a ritual of how we start the day, so here we give you the first part of habits you should keep in mind every morning in order to set a more productive day ahead. Trust us, its applicable everywhere , even in Bulgaria.
Hitting the snooze button

Smashing that snooze button is a sure-fire way to start your day off all wrong. That’s because when you fall back asleep in between alarms, you enter into a new sleep cycle without completing it. This makes you feel even more groggy and disoriented than you did when you awoke to your first alarm, so it can lead to a foggy feeling throughout the whole day, meaning you will feel sleepy for hours to come.

So next time you set up the alarm keep in mind that waking up and starting your day right after the first alarm is essential to a successful and energetic day.
Checking your phone

While this is a very common morning habit for most of us, looking at your phone right after you open your eyes can cause you to feel unnecessary stress and anxiety before you even get up to brush your teeth. This can set you up in a bad mood through the rest of your day, leaving you with an clear head.

The same goes for checking your e-mails right after you wake up.

Get your morning started and try not to glance at your phone at least until you had your breakfast. It may be a bad habit to break, but you’ll be glad you did.
Drinking coffee first thing

While there isn’t anything wrong with enjoying a steaming cup o’ joe in the morning, this shouldn’t be the first thing you sip on after waking up. Go for a glass of water instead, at least as your first drink of the day.

Not only this hydrates you after hours of not drinking anything, it also gives your metabolism a nice kick start. Drinking water right after you wake up is also good for your gut, since it flashes any toxins that were sitting in your body as you slept, it also prevents constipation and increases your alertness.

The first glass of water regulates your body and brain functioning, which can influence your mood for the day. But keep in mind the water should be at a room temperature, so you won’t shock your body and close it off from receiving all those great H2O benefits.

Seize the day - Carpe Diem!

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