Like a rabbit hole.

The challenge to find the Hambara Bar only adds to the mystery and awesomeness of this place. You will find no sign or name around the place or in front of it that might give you the hit that there is a Bar ahead. Once you find the old wooden door you must face yet another challenge of getting in. There is no handle to enter, or bell to ring or anything, you just need to knock on the door and hope someone will open from the other side.
When the door is open you see that this is definitely an underground place, lit only by the candle light, no electricity, with jazz music in the background (mostly), and full with people from all around the world. This place offers alternative underground approach to the night life, smoking allowed and cheap drinks included. For example one Shumensko beer will cost you only 3.50 levs. The Hambara Bar feels like you have time traveled to the time when it was only for selected members, the intelligentsia, who were meeting secretly, and the only chance for you to get in was if you knew the secret password.
On the lower level there are bars with stools while up the stairs there are couple of tables with small chairs. It’s a great place for a drink during the winter or later at night in summertime when the outdoor gardens are already closed. Keep in mind that sometimes it might get too smoky because of cigarettes and also if you are planning to drink a little more stay out of the second level, since not only the stairs are tricky to climb, but also there is a lot of ways of falling down.

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