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Kanzalak is known for being the city of roses, since 70% of the rose oil produced worldwide comes from the surrounding valleys. It is not surprising, therefore, that at each step you can see colorful damask roses on the balconies that cover the streets of this Bulgarian town. The Valley of Roses, around the city, is one of the most important places to visit. You can contemplate the almost endless fields of roses that cover the meadows of the area. Immerse yourself fully in this aromatic and fragrant industry that, over the centuries, has made Kazanlak prosper. Do not miss the visit to the Museo de la Rosa, which expands and puts into context the florist tradition of the region.


Leaving aside the roses and focusing on its millenary history, the Thracian Tomb is the most important monument in Kazanlak, to such an extent that it is declared a World Heritage Site. This third-century BC mausoleum is the best witness to the rule of the Thracian civilization, a people with Hellenic tints who lived in the region and, in fact, had its capital in what is now Kazanlak. This tomb is a perfect example of the art and funerary architecture of this culture. Today in Kazanlak there are two tombs, the first of them, the original, is closed and only opens for archaeological work; the second is a meticulous and exact replica of the original. Upon entering this replica you can immerse yourself in the heart of the Thracian civilization and enjoy a fascinating culture that left us great treasures. Inside the two tombs are the colorful Hellenistic frescoes that decorate the rooms, intended to accompany the dead in death. Its excellent state of preservation has turned these frescoes into a true marvel of Greek art of the time.


The Valley of the Thracian Kings of Kazanlak is another of the remains of this civilization that can be found in the vicinity of the city. It is an immense archaeological site full of tombs, mausoleums and temples that will allow you to live the Thracian culture in all its splendor. In another of the valleys surrounding Kanzalak you will find one of the most important monuments, the Shipka church. This Russian temple is a memorial built in memory of the soldiers who fought during the Russo-Turkish War at the end of the 19th century. Its exterior architecture stands out for the golden domes that seem to be born directly from the treetops. Its interior, on the other hand, is a true example of luxury, full of works of art that can not be lost.