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Burgas is one of the largest cities in the country. Burgas port is the largest cargo port in the country. 10 km to the northeast of the city is the airport, which operates international flights.The climate of Burgas, strongly influenced by the sea, is moderate continental

The proximity to the sea and the flat nature of the area is why it has been inhabited since antiquity. The earliest finds in the region refer to the Bronze and Early Iron Age. Many archaeological finds from the Thracian period are also available. In the area of Burgas, some of the great battles of the Bulgarian state with the Byzantine Empire were held.During the Ottoman domination, the city evolved as an enlightened and spiritual centre. The city underwent a strong industrialization and modernization in the early 20th century. More about the history of the town and other interesting facts, tourists can learn in the expositions of the Regional Museum of History of Burgas, which are located in several buildings.

Near the cathedral “St. St. Cyril and Methodius “, in a house from the middle of the 19th century, is situated the ethnographic exhibition presenting the culture and the lifestyle of Burgas in the past. In the museum, there is the richest collection of traditional costumes from all ethnographic groups in Bourgas, unique ritual costumes from the 19th century, typical for Bourgas region. The diversity of birds in the Bourgas lakes and the present state of flora and fauna along the Southern Black Sea coast are presented in the natural-scientific exposition.

At the “Petya Dubarova” House Museum visitors can touch the life and creativity of Bulgaria’s youngest poetess.

Burgas is a cultural centre of the region, which is evident from the active activities of the Burgas Opera, the Adriana Budevska Drama Theater and the State Puppet Theater in Burgas. There are numerous galleries in town. A number of cultural events are also taking place in the restored Sea Casino near the Sea Garden. The Sea Garden is a suitable place for walking and relaxation. Here is also the summer theatre of the town, where various concerts and plays are held.

In Ezero Park (at the entrance of the Sea Garden) a biker is built with three different levels of difficulty, and for adrenaline seekers there is a special “dirt jumping” course – a bicycle discipline that overcomes artificially made from ground mass jumping (baboons), as in the air are performed a number of attractive figures.

During the summer season, Burgas becomes a festival centre. For several years in the city, there has been a Festival of Sand Figures – sculptors from all over the world are involved in the making of sand figures for which tons of sand are used. The figures are tied to the theme of the festival, which is different each year. Spirit of Burgas is undoubtedly the festival that brought international fame to Burgas and Bulgaria.

The city hosts many literary, musical and folklore festivals, culminating traditionally during the summer season.