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Ahtopol situated on a small rocky peninsula, about 500 m long and about 300 m wide. The climate here is very suitable for sea tourism – many sunny days and coolness from the forests of Strandja mountain. The average July temperature in the city is 22-23 ° C.

Ahtopol has an ancient history – a lot of anchors have been found in the aquatory of the bay, a testimony of the life of the peninsula in different historical eras. Findings such as stone ax and ceramic fragments show that there was a settlement in the place of Ahtopol even during the New Stone Age and the Stone-Stone Age, traces of the Thracians who lived here during the Bronze Age were also found. Towards the end of the 5th c. there is already an Athenian colony with the name Agathopolis – from Greek – “agatos” (good) and “polos” (city). The city is mentioned in the historical records of the boyars’ revolt Assen and Peter against the Byzantine rule (1185). The town was captured by the Ottomans in 1396.

A fire destroyed Ahtopol in October 1918. After the element survived only the church “Ascension of the Lord” from 1796 and partially the monastery church “Saint Ian” (“St. Ivan the Precursor”). Thus, after the fire, an entirely new town Ahtopol was built.

Ahtopol today is a small seaside town with nice beach, pleasant restaurants and hotels.  Ahtopol is a short distance from major seaside resorts, making it a preferred destination for tourists seeking tranquillity and relaxation.