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Near the Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia is situated an informal flea market, aimed directly at the tourists visiting the cathedral. There can be found lots of antique goods like old cameras, coins and medals, hand knitted socks, Russian lacquered dolls, jewellery boxes and more. The prices vary and depend on the opinion of the trader about the buyer – so haggling is possible and in many cases – essential.

The narrow walkway off ploshtad Aleksandar Nevski, leading up to Hram-pametnik Aleksander Nevski, has a daily antique market. The two rows of tables are filled with all sorts of treasures including wind-up gramophone records, daggers, Russian military helmets, communist memorabilia (whose authenticity could be questionable), old violins, silver jewellery, religious icon paintings and a whole host of bric-a-brac. Around the other side of the church, women often sell traditional fabrics and rugs. Prices escalate if the potential buyer is foreign, but join in the fun and try haggling.

In the middle of the flea market, there is a small street aside, where you can find a great variety of icons by Bulgarian artists. Not far away from the Antiques Market tourists can visit other small market-place where older ladies behind linen stalls offer handcrafted tablecloths, mats, hand knitted cotton, silk jumpers and cardigans.