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The Yagodina cave is located in the Buynovsko Gorge near the Rhodope village of Yagodina. It is one of the most famous and visited caves in Bulgaria. With its 8501 m length of galleries, it ranks fourth among the longest caves in our country and first in the Rhodopes. The temperature is between 6 and 8 ° C throughout the year, and the humidity is over 90% (as in most cases).

Yagodinska Cave is a complex multi-storey system, formed in marbles. The bottom floor has been refurbished, but besides it, there are two interconnected floors of the cave. The tourist route passes through two artificial openings – entrance and exit. The natural entrance of the cave is located a kilometre down the Buinovska River. In it were found remains of the Eneolithic (stone-copper) epoch – ceramic vessels, cannons, ceramic furnace, etc. Surveys show that potters craftsmen lived in this place, which extracted the clay from the interior of the cave. After excavation and restoration, this entrance has been turned into a museum exhibition.

Over a kilometre long route you can see beautiful representatives of almost all kinds of cave formations, but the most impressive are the numerous cave pearls. They form like the real pearls of a grain of sand, falling into water, which over many years envelops in calcite to gain its round shape.