SurvivalBG 6th Event – Peter John Bosse

Hi survivors!

We are glad to introduce our second speaker Peter John Bosse. Living already 4 years in Bulgaria and coming from... from... the Netherlands originally, but also from Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia ...

He is just amazing, but the stories he has to tell you are mind-blowing, as he, himself, is just a multilevel talent :) You will have the chance to experience it by yourself.

Peter lives on the Balkans already more than the half of his life. He is a free lanced journalist for a number of Dutch media, but also an amazing cook (did a dish for Barbara Streisand, if you know what we mean). And not on the last place - he is a musician in the same time, he recorded with Bjelo Dugme, Goran Bregovic and a whole list of prominent names from Ex-Yugoslavia, but also does Jazz covers of famous Rock songs.

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