Dear survivors,

Introducing our next speaker, the captivating, Joana Alcantara. She is coming from the exotic island Hispaniola, of the Dominican Republic country, living in Bulgaria for around 10 years, she has amazing, thrilling stories to share with us about her long term adaptation in Bulgaria.

Her personal background of experiences in living in another countries also includes India and Gibraltar.

She spends her unlimited energy organizing events in Bulgaria about craft-works and arts, making people engaged with the environment in their everyday life. She is also a great cook and spends her passion for cooking not just in the kitchen of her home, but outside it with other people, locals and foreigners.

Bulgaria is admiring Joana about her creational activities and therefore she has been a guest on the Bulgarian TV a few times already.

We really had a great time meeting her, and felt motivated and inspired after our encounter, so catch the chance to have a closer meeting with Joana and hear her story on the #10th edition of SurvivalBG this Thursday (30.05.) at 19:00h in Dada Cultural Bar.


May, the 30th, starting at 7 pm


Free of charge! Only nice sense of humor is required!


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