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About us

The main idea behind SurvivalBG is to let foreigners, who are living and working in Bulgaria, to hear some interesting stories, to get some tips about life here, to connect with local people and with each other and to spend some nice, relaxing time. SurvivalBG is a mixture of StandUp Comedy, Storry-telling and Networking. And YES, it is funny and exciting! Furthermore this web-page is aiming to give you more information on how to “survive” in Bulgaria through interesting tips and tricks, suggestions about places to visit and events that are foreigners - friendly.

Основната идея зад SurvivalBG е да даде възможност на чужденци, които живеят и работят в България, да чуят интересни истории, да получат съвети относно живота тук, да се свържат с местните хора и помежду си и всичко това докато се забавляват и релаксират.
SurvivalBG е смесица от StandUp Comedy, разказване на истории и мрежуване. И ДА, забавно е и вълнуващо!
Освен това този уеб сайт ще ви даде повече информация за това как да "оцелеете" в България под формата на интересни съвети и трикове, както и публикации за събития, които са подходящи за чужденци

Previous speakers

September 30, 2018

Racheal Nakato – SurvivalBG 3

Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPinGoogle+LinkedIn0shares Here you can see the speech of Racheal Nakato, from Uganda 🙂
October 1, 2018

Selene Petrunova (Mexico) – SurvivalBG 5

Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPinGoogle+LinkedIn0shares Selene married a Bulgarian husband and came to live in Bulgaria. This is one presentation about differences between Bulgaria and Mexico
September 30, 2018

Paula Lorena Sabou – SurvivalBG 2

Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPinGoogle+LinkedIn0shares Paula Lorena is from Romania and she is also a former EVS in Sofia. After her project finished, she stayed here, working as […]
November 11, 2017

Darija Fabijanic – SurvivalBG 1

Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPinGoogle+LinkedIn0shares Darija Fabijanic is originally from Croatia but she lived most of her life in Germany. Now she is already more than 2 years […]
September 30, 2018

Olga Tenichenko – SurvivalBG 3

Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPinGoogle+LinkedIn0sharesHere you can see the speech of Olga, from Ukraine 🙂
October 1, 2018

Alba and Danilo – SurvivalBG 5

Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPinGoogle+LinkedIn0shares Alba (Spain) and Danilo (Serbia) started this initiative, called SurvivalBG in November 2017. Now, as their project finished – this is their story […]
September 30, 2018

Andrey Nikoloff – SurvivalBG 2

Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPinGoogle+LinkedIn0shares Andrey is from Ukraine and on our second SurvivalBG event, he spoke about his impressions from Bulgarian way of living
September 30, 2018

Anmar Khalid – SurvivalBG 4

Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPinGoogle+LinkedIn0shares Check Anmar’s speech to know more about his experience about coming from Iraq and getting used to Bulgaria 🙂


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